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OTE Hydro Tabs

OTE (On The Edge) is a British company producing a wide range of energy and recovery products, all are naturally flavoured and free from artificial sweeteners and colours. OTE have been around since 2013 but I'll admit have mostly gone under the RRR radar. We came across OTE at the NEC Bike Show back in September, having sampled everything on offer we came away with 6 tubes of their Hydro Tabs to further try (The range of energy and recovery bars are really good but not subject to testing by RRR just yet). The Hydro Tabs are available in blackcurrant, lemon and cherry cola, with the latter containing 19mg of caffeine per tab. Caffeine doesn't agree with me so I've been using the blackcurrant and lemon tabs.

One of the big claims from OTE are the natural flavourings and I have to agree, both are clean and fresh without that nasty aftertaste so many other tabs can leave. Another plus is the lack of fizz, a lot of tabs dissolve to make a horrible fizzy drink that leaves you feeling gassy and isn't pleasurable to drink. There is also a distinct lack of 'scum' whilst the tablet dissolves, further reassuring you that there are no nasties in there.

Containing sodium, potassium and magnesium - electrolytes required to keep you hydrated during exercise, OTE seems to have covered all the bases. They're good to drink, contain no nasties, are only 8kcals and 0.06g of sugar per tab and carry a reasonable rrp of £7 for 20 tablets.

If you want a good tasting, clean and easy to drink tab then OTE are definitely the best I've tried, highly recommended, British too. For more information on OTE and a useful guide on their products follow the link below.


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