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Infini Sword, a Gremlin's nightmare

"Bright light, bright light" Mogwai's do

Infini Sword, road rider review

not like bright lights and

sun light can kill them, you also shouldn't get them wet or feed them after midnight. As a bike rider I'm sure you like a bright light, be safe be seen! I'm sure you also don't reproduce when you come into contact with water and eating after midnight won’t turn you into a monster!


In the search for a possible life saving source of light we came across the Infini sword, these come in two types the cheaper three LED or the one we plumed for the thirty LED chip option. Like a lot of the lights out there this charges via USB in 2.5h and comes with several flashing modes for all your party needs, different speeds and light intensity and one of these is for day time running if its foggy or you just don't want to give them an excuse……

If you don't like things brushing the inside of your legs as you ride along this will tick that box, it’s very slim lined and as it attaches with what is basically a large elastic band that does not get in the way ether. A second bonus to the elastic band fitment is that it’s easy to fit to any sized seat post and even the seat stays, apparently it will fit a radius from 19mm to 35mm.

Now the 50 lumen max output is bright, very bright and the lithium-ion polymer battery will last 2h if you leave it running at that level and if you want you can get up to 200h if you have it on flashing. We haven’t tested that yet but it’s lasted a week’s commute without the power level light on the side starting to flash. Side visibility is also great, so you shouldn't have to worry about cars coming out of side roads not seeing you. I think the only criticism would be IPX4 rating is a bit low for a light that could be in a constant spray of water but it is only £34.99, saying that it’s worked without fault so far. I am not sure I could be more pleased with a stand alone rear light – at this price it's bright, light, very easy to fit and it has a good run time.


Run time quoted 2-200h

30 Chips Red COB LED

50 Lumen max


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