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Secret Training - Strip Anti Chafing Cream

Let's get it over with and deal with the elephant in the room immediately, 'anti chafing' is not a product name that makes you want to buy it, now that's out the way let's crack on with the review.

There will be some people out there that won't even entertain the idea of chamois cream but for me it's an essential part of the pre-ride ritual. For some going commando in their bibs is a big step, let alone slathering themselves up with a handful of cream before every ride. I commute 3 days a week so I'm on and off the bike 6 times and also like to get out for a longer ride on a Sunday. Not only do I appreciate the extra bit of comfort a good chamois cream affords you, I also use it for the anti-bacterial properties keeping everything down there healthy and ready for the next ride.

Bar the product name, which is actually quite small on the tube, the packaging is nice, metallic grey with orange brand detailing catches the eye and has a clean modern look to it.

The cream is easy to dispense with a flip of the cap and squeeze of the tube, it's quite a loose cream so don't squeeze too hard. Some creams can be quite fragrant, particularly with excessive menthol, which can sometimes be a bit too refreshing for some of the more sensitive areas. Strip is quite neutral, it uses a coconut oil based formula with some shea butter and a mild dose of peppermint oil, jojoba oil and aloe vera.

The result is an easy to apply, pleasantly fragranced, anti-bacterial and long lasting barrier that helps to relieve discomfort as a result of chamois pad rubbing, it does exactly what it says on the tube.

Why Secret Training didn't stick with chamois cream or similar as a name is not clear but don't let that put you off from grabbing a tube of this reasonably priced (£8 rrp) cream from your local bike shop, it's actually very good.

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