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I make no effort to hide that I like Rapha clothing. Over the years I have spent the hard earned money on kit I needed and sometimes just stuff I wanted! I like the style they have and materials they use but have thought in the past couple of years they may have over complicated their collection with many items that seem to overlap. But hell, they still have some old favourites.

Well that's what I thought... one of the first items that I bought was a pink Rapha logo T-shirt. Over it's time it's been to bike shows, several trips to hot sunny countries and many trips in this one. I couldn't tell you how many times it has been washed and dried and what I like about is is that you can walk around in it and other roadies can look at you and know "hell he rides to".

So one of my go to T-shirts has begun to look a bit tired, I'm going to get another, as I didn't have enough time to go down to my nearest Rapha outlet I went online and ordered a new one but this time in dark blue with pink logo.

So, what we at RRR have come to call "the black bag day" arrived and I gleefully ripped open the packaging. On doing this and taking out my lovely new T-shirt I noticed two things, one its softer and two it's lighter, 110g lighter. Now normally if I saved 110g of weight on my bike for the outlay of £40 I would be happy but on a T-shirt it makes me feel a bit short changed. It reminds me of Cadbury's making chocolate bars smaller but keeping them the same price, then telling you it's for your own good as it makes the bar healthier. A quick look at the description on the Rapha web site states it's a lighter cotton but gives no reason why (maybe its a style and fit thing, the new one is a slimmer fit) but I can't help but feel this isn't going to last as long. It just doesn't feel as robust.

Rapha have kept to the same cycle orientated cut, longer at the back so you don't show bum crack when your riding around the streets. It dose feel good against my baby soft skin but only time will tell if it endures as well as the old one. I'm not sure i'm sold on this new T, even if it still is a walking sign for those in the know, telling people I love to ride my bike.

Price £40

Colour options available

#Rapha #Casual

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