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Sockdoping is a real thing, it’s one of those things that can make you feel great on a bike especially in the summer if you take care to follow the RRR guide to sockdoping.  “What is sockdoping?” you ask, let us explain to you and while we do it lets review some of the nicest dope for your feet from sock gurus Defeet. RRR think there are a few things that talk about a cyclist’s style, one of these is the simple cotton cap (casquette) and another is the humble sock. In this day and age any colour and pattern you want is available but what makes a great sock?

My first dalliance with a life changing sock was in the form of a set of Defeet Woolie Boolies, these great foot garments changed the way I thought about what I put on my feet whilst on my bike, at the time I was an avid mountain biker and comport all day off road was something these socks provided.  The Woolie Boolie is designed as a cold weather sock and is the thickest sock Defeet make, but being made with Merino wool my feet are happy in the all year round. The entire heel and sole of the sock is extra thick so if you’re on your feet all day at work then they are a must, they come in a few colour options and cuff lengths from ankle to long. I have a few sets of them and they all are still going after many years, so a big thumbs up.

As I progressed through my cycling life back to being a roadie I looked at the Defeet collection for sartorial elegance and comfort. This hunt took me to the next couple of socks from the Defeet range, the wooleator and the aireator. The wooleator is a woolen aireator, easier to fit in those close-fitting race shoes as they are way thinner than the woolie boolies and do not have the padded sole, still comfy on the tootsies and great in cooler weather and when there could be some moisture in the air. Again, available in some out there patterns and cuff sizes from 1” to 7”. They have become my commute sock of choice.

The most race like of the three we have tried is the aireator, this thin sock is the first one developed by Defeet way back since 1992, it’s had a few changes since it was first introduced, the aireator takes its name from the aireator mesh weave foot top, regarded as the first sock to use this production method and its made from CoolMax EcoMade fibers that come from recycled resources. I can happily say they feel good in my Bont vapours, and in the hot weather my feet never felt overly hot or sweaty. Defeet all in all seem to have this foot glove thing down to a tee and I could hand on heart recommend them to anyone who want to ride with a bit of extra flare, I firmly believe that with these three types of socks you are covered all year round.  Another thing I would like to say about Defeet, they are proud to still be made in America, turning their nose up at the idea bigger profits can been made by outsourcing the production to another country, keeping manufacturing jobs in the good old U.S of A where they can also keep an eye of the quality of their goods.

The simple RRR rules to Sockdoping

1. Ankle socks, no thank you.

2. When its warm enough to show your legs (and they should be clean shaven) start with a small cuff so you can develop a good tan line.

3. Longer socks can be worn only when a good base tan has been acquired, no one likes tan lines that make you look like your legs are imitating Fab ice lolly’s.

4. Your socks should never be longer than the distance half way between your ankle and your knee (unless being worn under tights).

5. You should try always to compliment your Jersey with your sock, clashing colours are for pro’s kit only.

6. Once your socks have become stained or are no longer as white as your shoes (if you have white shoes) they should be relegated to being worn with tights

Sockdoping done well, good length, shaved legs and colours to compliment the rest of the kit.

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