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Punchy pre-ride shake

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, especially so when you have a long day in the saddle planned. 

Getting that first load of energy in the bank is key to sustaining your performance over the day. 

Ask a bunch of cyclists what they eat for breakfast before a ride and most will reply porridge and normally a great big bowl of it. 

I do like porridge, but find it quite tiresome chugging away through a pre-ride sized portion, in addition to that I'm normally running late and simply don't have the time to cook, eat it and be out the door for the 9am meet-up!

I've been experimenting with oat based shakes for a while now and this is my favourite; the punchy chocolate peanut butter shake. 

The recipe:

50g oats

10g cacao powder

10g organic / 100% peanut butter

300ml milk

Oats are whole grain and release energy progressively, around 66% carbohydrates and 17% protein they are the perfect source of energy for cycling. 

I use cacao as it's full of anti-oxidants, is a good source of iron and magnesium and is a natural mood elevator. If you find it a bit bitter then try half and half with milkshake powder or chocolate spread, it takes the edge off a bit. 

Good quality peanut butter (organic, 100% peanut not ones with added sugar or palm oil) is good for you too, again containing anti-oxidants, protein and healthy fats (mono saturated).  


Add it all in a blender and blitz until smooth. 

For best results make the night before and store in the fridge, that the way the oats are soft and the shake will have thickened up a bit. 

Consume at least 45 minutes before you ride. 

Enjoy and smash those Strava segments! 

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