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FitBeer, is it the answer to an age old party problem

Getting back from a long hard ride, you swing open the fridge and are faced with a choice, a nice refreshing beer or a recovery shake. But why do you have to make that choice? Why can’t you have both? On finishing the tour of Cambridgeshire earlier this year I was handed a pint of Erdinger. For those who have not tried this German low alcohol beer (0.5%) it’s being advertised in Germany as an isotonic vitamin-rich and lower calorie drink and is being handed out at sporting events all over. It may have been the time cycling in the hot sun of that weekend but after I finished I soon destroyed that first pint, and it was good.

Oddly the weekend after I had the chance to try some FitBeer, again it hails from Germany but was the brain child of a beer loving family with a father who is a recovering alcoholic. Driven by the love of a great tasting beer and the lack of a non-alcohol one to provide it, his children travelled to Germany to find a brew house to help. This time I wasn’t parched from an 80-mile race and it still tasted great, now I’m no expert when it comes to beer but I think I know what it should taste like and after I whipped out the method of payment my hands were full.

I could drink them all myself but instead handed them out to friends, none of them could tell from the taste that it was alcohol free and most of them really enjoyed it and its real beer taste. So that’s a good start but can they really get away with calling it FitBeer? Well according to men in white lab coats the only bad thing about beer is alcohol, for a small bit of info on beers bad effects follow this link to livestrong. So, take the alcohol out of beer then you just have a drink full of B Vitamins and folic acid, ok so it’s not going to have the same effect as a good recovery shake but this way you can have both and not feel guilty or undo all the good you have done from exercise.

I took some to a BBQ with none cycling friends, I enjoyed the food and my beer and didn’t have a to answer questions like “so why aren’t you drinking tonight” and better than that when I had to get up at the crack of dawn to drive back home so I could enjoy my Sunday club ride, I didn’t feel as if a herd of Bison had spent all night stampeding through my head and was safe to drive. So if you like the taste of good artisan beer and are keen to keep on top of training there is no reason not to give it a go

For more details and info on where to buy FitBeer follow the link

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