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Galibier Vars DWR Oversocks

I've had a bit of hit and miss relationship with the direct sales clothing company Galibier. I really like the thin full finger Roubaix gloves but struggled with ill fitting arm warmers and winter socks and uncomfortable mitts. However when these DWR treated Belgian style oversocks were released I was curious and keen to give them a go.

I do quite like a nice Belgian style oversock and regularly sport a pair of bright green Rapha reflective oversocks. They're windproof and give just enough warmth to get through all but the coldest of days. One thing that lets them down though is the very un waterproof knitted material.

DWR or Durable Water Repellent is all over (literally) a lot of cycling kit. Made famous by the Castelli Gabba it's now a stable of all weather gear. It's a coating finish that is applied to material during production to make it water repellent. If you have any such garments you'll know that it produces that lovely water beading effect.

When Galibier announced on their Facebook page that they had a DWR oversock coming very soon I made an order the minute they went live. Two days later they were in my possession. Postage as ever from Galibier was quick.

On arrival the packaging is simple but nice enough.

Out the packet and it's time to check out some of the features. A nice clean design, cleat and ankle holes are double and silicon stitched to improve durability.

Time to try them on.

No problems there, length is good, the material stretches nicely and then shrinks back to maintain a close fit around shoe and ankle.

So how do they perform? With the weather starting to turn and some cooler wet mornings I've put them through their paces on a couple of rides.

Water (and dirt) repellency is good, my feet have stayed warm and dry from both direct rain and road spray.

Being a knitted material and like any other overshoe they are prone to snagging, this is something Galibier specifically state on their website too. Even after just a few rides I've already got 3 or 4 holes appearing, this may be due to my shoes, Bont, which are quite bulky but it's something to bear in mind and worth pointing out that they will easily snag.

At £15 they're good value but be careful if you have to dismount and walk any kind of distance as they wont last long. If you're straight out the door and on your bike I can't see them being an worse than any other oversock but with the added benefit of the DWR it makes them a standout choice.

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